Indoor Soccer Rules

PENALTY Is a free kick for goal with only the keeper defending.
The attacking player has a non obstructed kick for goal
DIRECT Is a free kick to the attacking side with the defending team permitted to defend their goals.
INDIRECT Is a free kick to the attacking side with the defending team permitted to defend their goals.
A goal can be scored only if the ball touches another player before it enters the goal.(Includes keeper)

1. Payment of match fees must be paid in full before any team member enters the court.

2. All players/teams must pay their registration fees prior to the first competition game.

3. No player is to enter the soccer court until all players from the proceeding game have left. A match is not completed until all players have left the court.

4. Any spectator entering or attempting to enter the soccer court while play is in progress, including the half time break will cause the match to be abandoned.

5.  Shin pads are compulsory in all Junior grades & we strongly advise our senior players to wear them.

6. Senior Matches shall be between (2) sides of (5) players & 6 for Juniors, (1) being the goal keeper. Teams may have a maximum of (3) reserves, which can be substituted every ( 6) minutes on the referees call or in the case of a serious injury or anytime at the referees discretion.

7. A player can only fill in for another team if he or she is a registered member and only if the team has less then (5) players. Players can play up a grade but not down in a lower division unless cleared by management. The same player cannot fill in for the same team more then once during the season.

7a. There must be a minimum of (3) team members present for the game not to be classified as a forfeit.
If any team is short i.e. less then (5) players, teams can borrow a maximum of (2) players not exceeding 5 players (no subs.)
Only (1) player can be used from a higher division.
A game will be deemed a forfeit against the offending team if this rule is broken.
7b. If both teams agree to play a game with one team having less then 3 players, then both teams must pay their fees.
The non-offending team will receive WOF points, plus any goals they score will go towards their for & against total
The team that was short will be marked as a loss but will receive (1) point & will not incur the forfeit fee.

8. All games consist of (2) x (12) minute halves, with a one minute break in between.
In finals if the score is level at full time a further (3) minutes each way will be played. The team to score first is the winner. If there is no result the team positioned highest on the results table goes through.
In a Grand Final if the scores are level after (6) minutes of extra time the match will be decided in a penalty shoot out. The team who is (1) goal in front on even kicks will be the winner.

9. (3) points will be awarded for Wins, (2) points for draws & (1) for loses.
A team that forfeits receive no game points. A team that wins on forfeit (WOF) receives 3 match points & 3 goals to nil.
Highest on Results tables = Non forfeit team, then points, then wins, then draws, then for & against.

10. Players must have played a minimum of (5) competition games to be eligible for final series.
A player that is sent off during final series is NOT eligible for any competition prizes.

11. The ball can only be played off the nets in 4-a-side Seniors & Juniors up to Under 11's.
In all other grades a direct free kick will be awarded against the player who last touched the ball before hitting the side nets. The top net from Under 12`s up results in a indirect free kick.

12. Players can not use the nets for support when playing the ball. A indirect kick will be awarded against the offending team.

13. Slide tackling is not permitted. A direct free kick will be awarded against any player using this type of tackle. A slide tackle inside the penalty area will result in a direct free kick form the penalty spot.

14. A player can score directly from a kick off. The ball may be kicked back or forward from the kick off.

15. All free kicks shall be taken within (5) seconds. Failure to do so will result in the kick being awarded to the opposing team.

16. An Indirect Free Kick for an offence within the penalty area shall be taken outside the penalty area.
The penalty area is the area from outside the goal circle to the yellow line for Juniors up to the age of 14
and from outside the goal circle to the yellow line between the (2) blue pitches for ages 15 and upwards.

17. For all free kicks including penalty kicks, the opposing players must be (5) meters from the ball.
The (5) seconds in which the a player has to take the kick does not commence until all opposing players are (5) meters from the ball.

18. When taking a penalty kick the goalkeeper must stand level with the goal posts & can not move forward until the ball has been kicked.
If the goal keeper moves forward before the ball is kicked and a goal is not scored, the kick will be retaken.
All other players must remain outside the penalty area ( yellow line) and at least (5) meters from the ball until the ball has been kicked.

19. A field player can not play a ball on the ground or in the air inside the goal area. An offence committed by the attacker will result in a direct free kick to the defending team.
An attacker who makes no attempt to stop him/herself from entering the goal area after scoring a goal will have the goal disallowed.
Persistently running into the goal area by an attacker, will result in a yellow card and a direct kick to the opposing team.
An offence committed by a defender will result in a penalty kick to the opposing team, this includes a defender who having played at the ball outside the goal area continues on into the goal area without making an attempt to stop him or herself.

20. The goal keeper can not play the ball outside or leave the goal area after making a save or step out of the area after releasing the ball by throwing, punching or kicking it.
Any infringement of this rule will incur a penalty kick to the opposing team.

21. The goal keeper must release the ball within (5) seconds of having it under their control, failure to do so will result in an indirect free kick from the yellow line to the opposing team.

22. After releasing the ball into play, the goal keeper may not touch the ball again until it has been played at by at least (2) team members or by an opposing players.
Failure to comply will result in an indirect free kick from the yellow to the opposing team.
If the ball is played at by a defender, back to his/her keeper before it has been played by a second team member or touched by a opposing player and remains in the goal area longer then (5) seconds( rule 21), an indirect free kick from the yellow line will be awarded to the attacking team.

23. In any of the (4) corners of the field, a player that places his/her foot on the ball and/or uses their body to shield the ball, having their back to the field of play and making no attempt to play the ball out of the corner will be penalised with an indirect free kick to the opposing team.

24. Any player that receives (2) yellow cards during competition will automatically receive a (1) week or match suspension, commencing from the 2nd yellow card he/she received.

25. Any player sent off (Red Card) will receive an automatic suspension (see send off and Suspensions).
If a player is sent off a second time during the same competition they will be suspended for the remainder of the round games, including the final series.
Any player or team sent off during semi, finals or grand finals will not be entitled to prizes awarded.

26. A suspended player can not play for any other team during the period of suspension.
Suspension from (1) team is suspension from all soccer teams!

27. A player may only play in (1) team per grade per competition.
Eg (1) team in Men's Division 1 Monday evening and (1) team in Mixed Division 1 Monday evening.
A player must hold a gold card membership to play in more then (1) team.

28. Mixed teams consist of (2) Females & (3) male players, (1) male must play in goals.(No female in goals see below)
The ball must not hit a female above the waist (referees discretion), an indirect free kick will be awarded against the offending team if this occurs.

28b. All Ladies games are 'play on off the nets/nets are live'. If the ball hits the net behind the goal, it will be a goal kick.

29. All players must be written on to the back of their team registration card and marked off each week. Any team not complying with this rule will lose (2) competition points.

30. The referee's decision is final in all matters relating to the game. At no time during the game should a player question a referee.
The referee is not obliged to explain his/her decision. Any team or player that has a queries must see the staff at the counter.
In the event of a game being called off by the referee or management, the game will be deemed a forfeit. No points will be awarded (managements discretion). 
Swearing or any abuse directed at the referee will be an automatic (4) game suspension.
A 2nd offence will be a 1 year suspension from Sportsworld Liverpool.



RED CARD Automatic send off
2nd YELLOW CARD Send Off
BLUE CARD 2 Minute "Cool Off" Period






1 Foul and abusive language to the referee or staff 4 GAMES

2 Foul and abusive language to others 3 GAMES

3 Persistent misconduct after previously being cautioned 3 GAMES

4 Attempting to strike or kick a player 3 GAMES

5 Deliberately striking a player BANNED

6 Deliberately kicking or kneeing a player BANNED

7 Deliberately head butting a player BANNED

8 Spitting at player BANNED

9 Deliberate foul or late tackle on a player 3 GAMES

10 Deliberately wrestling an opponent to the ground. 3 GAMES

11 Deliberately throwing a ball at a player 3 GAMES
Any such offences as the referee shall deem to be dangerous or unsportsmanlike like.


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