Sportsworld Liverpool Centre Rules

  • No jumping or climbing on nets
  • No food, drink or gum permitted on court
  • No smoking in the centre

All match payments are to be collected and paid in full 5 mins prior to the start of a game.
All teams must pay the full match payment regardless of the number of players.

From the 1st of July 2019

Sportsworld Liverpool will be no longer responsible for game fees not being paid, the following will apply.

  • The team captain/organizer will be responsible for full team payment on the night/day.
  • Team payments must be made in full on game night/day.
  • Team captains are to collect game fees from players (this insures you who has paid) and paid to the front counter staff before you leave.
  • If the team payment is not paid in full, the team captain will be contacted to make the difference on the night or following day.
  • If your team is short of players, players from your team are to pay extra to make the difference.
  • A "NO WIN or POINTS" will be added to your team until payment is made.
  • Captains can ask for a team statement of payments throughout the competition.
  • If your team forfeits on game day, full team payment must be made and your opponent will get the points for the forfeit.

SOCCER- Paid cards are to be presented to the referee before the match will commence.
NETBALL- Bibs/Patches will be given to teams once full match fees are paid.
CRICKET- Bats & keepers gloves will be given to teams once full match fees are paid

If staff have allowed a team to pay short, that payment must be fixed by the next game.
A deduction of (-2) points will occur if it is not payed. Teams do not receive these points back.

Its is compulsory to pay Sportsworld Liverpool's player registration. (Cost)
Unregistered and uninsured players are not permitted to take the court.
Any team playing with unregistered players will lose 2 POINTS per unregistered player.

In stating the above, we do allow teams to use fill in players for two games only. (Fill in players can not score) 
This can help teams out when they are short and also encourages new players to teams.
If the fill in plays a third game they must pay their registration or points will be deducted.
Players and fill in players must also remember to sign on score-sheets, and be marked off on team cards in order to qualify for semis and finals.

Each week teams and or captains are to mark off their players on their yellow player registration card.
Players must have played at least 5 games in any one team to qualify for the semis and finals.

Teams that nominate to participate in our competitions are obligated to pay & play the full season.

RULE 1 - Forfeiting a game will cost your team their normal match payment.
RULE 2 - Forfeiting a game on the day will cost your team their normal match payment PLUS the other teams match payment.
RULE 3 - Any team forfeiting a second time will be replaced in the competition.
Full payments are due on the teams next game.

Teams that are short of players can phone the centre and ask for fill-ins players to be organised, as opposed to forfeiting.
Although for full game points to be awarded at least half the registered side must be present.
Occasionally and only when there is court availability we can organise to reschedule matches.

All forfeiting rules are clearly stated on the notice boards within the centre and clearly stated on team cards.

All Balls, Bats, Stumps, Bibs/Tags, Netball rings, Goal posts & umpires are supplied by Sportsworld Liverpool

Netball players are not allowed to wear jewellery on the court. Wedding bands, medical bracelets & facial piercings must be covered or tapped flat.
Players with long nails are required to either cut their nails, or wear gloves that can be purchased at the centre at $5 a pair.
Taping of nails is not allowed.

Cricket -
Hectors can be purchased at the centre, they can not be borrowed due to health regulations.
The same rule applies for batting gloves,

Soccer -
It is compulsory for all our Junior soccer teams to wear shin pads.
We also encourage our senior players to wear them for their own safety.

If we have room in competitions that are running, we will accept teams late.
Teams must pay all players registrations before we will entry them into the competition.
If the competition is past round 8, late teams will not take part in the final series & registrations will be carried over to the next competition.
If a team enters before round 8, they will enter on average points and can participate in finals.

Sportsworld Liverpool holds the right to suspend or ban teams or players from our centre.

The following will not be tolerated:

  • Aggressive or foul & abusive language or behaviour, directed at staff, umpires, players or spectators.
  • Rough, aggressive or dangerous play on & off the court
  • Striking or fighting in the centre
  • Court or equipment abuse
  • Forfeiting 2 or more games
  • Unregistered players and ongoing or continual debt
  • See individual sports rules for suspension rules

No refunds will be given for match fees or player registration if teams or players are suspended or banned from our centre.

We run a fun and friendly sports centre and ask that our patrons help create & keep a safe and fun-filled atmosphere for all.

Enjoy your time at Sportsworld Liverpool and Good Luck to all our teams.

Wed, Mar 16th, 2016




Our focus is maintaining a safe environment for our players and the wider community to continue to enjoy their sport. We will continue to ensure we are operating in line with the advice provided by the State and federal governments, as it relates to indoor centres.

We are keeping up to date with any changes to the status of this ongoing issue NSW Health and the most current status updates as they arise.

Following current recommendations and to minimize the risk to our customers, staff and supporters we will be asking all players from today forward to:

Be vigilant with hand washing procedures prior to and after games
Refrain from shaking hands, better options may include a fist pump, the elbow hand shake or three cheers for the opposition
DO NOT attend the centre if you feel unwell until symptoms subside or you obtain a medical clearance
It is recommended that players do not participate in team huddles and refrain from contact in celebration of goals/wickets
If you return to Australia after 12:00 midnight on Sunday 15th March 2020 you are required to self-isolate as per Federal Government requirements. Do not attend the centre during this time.
We will be implementing strategies to reduce the likelihood of unnecessary and extended social contact and at this stage will be applying the following as required:

Hand sanitizer will be readily available at the counter
All surfaces will be disinfected every night both before and after the fixtures for the evening including all zippers and entry flaps to the courts


All netballs will be sanitized after each game
The break between games has been extended to allow players to exit and enter courts with less contact between players. Please stand back and allow all players to leave the court before entering.
Gloves for netball will no longer be available to borrow, you may purchase a pair for as little as $3.00 from the games counter
Bibs will still be available for hire – these are not reused and are washed prior to re-use


All soccer balls will be sanitized after each game
We are currently considering scheduling fixtures with a greater gap between games where possible so players can attend and leave without the rush of the next games players getting on court. Please stand back and allow all players to leave the court before entering.
Colored bibs – we would like to limit the re-use of colored bibs as far as practical, we simply don’t hold enough for fresh bibs every game. We would strongly encourage every team to have matching colored shirts so that bib use is limited as far as possible


Batting gloves for cricket will no longer be available to borrow, you may purchase a pair for as little as $3.00 from the games counter
We would strongly recommend the purchase of personal wicket keeping gloves, however, should you need to use house wicket keeping gloves these must be collected from the games counter and returned following your game. Gloves will be sprayed with a sanitizer between uses.  We are currently awaiting delivery of cotton inner gloves which can be borrowed (returned after use for washing) or purchased for $1.00 a pair, alternatively we will provide plastic disposable food handling gloves free of charge.
Please stand back and allow all players to leave the court before entering.
We will continue to stay across all regulatory changes and update our processes accordingly.

If you have any questions any time please feel free to discuss with the counter staff or email 

We appreciate your co-operation and support at this time of uncertainty.